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1. Send a comment underneath this journal… with your OCs info (exactly like the example). This will help us know what they look like and let me know if there are any new OCs. And yes you can include links to pictures with your info. After you send the info, I will say 'accepted' or something telling you I know about your OC and that you can use it.


Name: Gisselle Zoe Fox

Age (in human years):19

Gender: Female

Species: Hybrid Fox

Appearance: Normal human skin color, rainbow hair, orange tail/fox ears

Eyes: ...idk black?

Personality:Very hyper, talks really fast, optimistic, annoying, British, friendly. Works at a candy store nearby the coffee shop with Damiane, an android. Pops and Benson sometimes come because you know they need to refill on candy-related items. Each week Gisselle tries to go to the golf place to see Mordecai and Rigby.

2. Do not flame, diss, troll, or cuss. We need it nice and appropriate because some children on this site might be roleplaying (it IS a children's show)

3. You can move the story right along using whatever the person said last. You can also use the other OCs/characters, BUT be sure they stay in character. Also whatever they said, goes. You can't decide to just change it to your liking when they replied first.

4. You don't have to be in the group, anyone can join. Just be sure you read these rules.

Latest Favourite Artists

EDIT(11/23/2012): If a member doesn't send me a note with the secret word I placed somewhere in here, they will not be given the privilege of uploading to the gallery. It's the only way I know you're actually reading this.

EDIT(11/23/2012): Okay here are some rules to the folders that EVERY MEMBER NEEDS TO READ.

Featured - Just a folder that I'll look through to put them in the proper folder. Not a special place.

Mordy Only - Just as the name says. Only Mordecai or variation of him allowed including him and another presence of himself. Nothing else.

Group - It means Mordecai, a character, and another character or more than three characters. It means an OC/Canon/Mordecai, Mordecai/Canon/Canon, Mordecai/OC/OC, Mordecai/Outside of Canon Universe/OC, Mordecai/Outside of Canon Universe/Canon, Mordecai/Outside of Canon Universe/" ", etc. As long as there are more than two characters in the picture, no matter if they're an OC, canon, out of the canon universe as in they're Link from Legend of Zelda, they're acceptable.

Mordecai and Rigby - So far, this folder seems to show only what the title says it includes. This is the only folder I've seen so far that doesn't have Mordecai, Rigby, and another person.

Mordecai and Margaret - Oh my. Well besides the fact that only Mordecai and Margaret in one picture, no one else, are allowed in this folder, you might need to put warnings on some. I don't know how I feel with Margaret's boobs showing, even if it is censored. I find it funny that when they're both kissing in one picture, that picture is plum censored.

Mordecai and Other Canon - By "Other Canon," I mean only a character who is from the Regular Show who doesn't have a folder in the gallery and Mordecai. I've been seeing characters who aren't even from Regular Show and more than two characters in there. Please leave your art in either "Mordecai and Other", "Group", or the folder that you think it properly belongs in if it does not fit these suggested terms.

Mordecai and OC - Like the title says, "Mordecai and OC," not Mordecai, Rigby, and OC. Please put it in "Group."

Mordecai and Other - As in Mordecai and someone who is not in the Regular Show, nor an OC. This is the folder where, for example, a picture of Link and Mordecai would be in.

Fan Fiction - If your fanfic is not in here, where else would it be?

One final thing that's been bothering me is that people submit art here that doesn't even have Mordecai in it. If your artwork has no Mordecai in it, I will remove it immediately. This is a group called "MordecaiFans."

I'm deeply embarrassed to find that I am still the founder of this group and haven't withdrew until now. I will be out of your hair soon, but I think :iconsoiltail: would like to say a few things to me first. After we talk and I change a few things and make this group a lot better, I will be out of you hair. If you need any questions answered or want to leave a comment, leave it in the comment box below.

Again, I sincerely apologize for not giving full attention to this group.

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